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History of The Acushnet Police Department 

The following photographs are a visual history of our department.  The first photograph is thought to be the oldest in our possession.  It does not have a date, but is believed to be from around 1940.  If you have any old photographs that you think would be a great addition to our department history page, please submit the photograph, or a copy, to our station.  Be sure to include your name so that we can give you credit.

This photograph depicts members of the Acushnet Police Department during the 1940’s.

The Parting Ways building is in the background.

Top row:         Al Holt, James Hyde, Joseph Lapierre, Ed Dessert
Bottom row:   Ed Morris, George Guerin, Chief Al Langevin, George Lecuyer, Elmer Spooner


Front Row: Patrolman: Edward A Morris, George Guerin, Chief J.C. Albert Langevin, George Lecuyer, Elmer Spooner. Back Row: Patrolman: Allan Rawcliffe, Albert E. Holt, James Hyde, Joseph Lapierre, Edward Dessert, August Bourqe, Omer Pineau.


From left to right – First Row: Edward A Morris, Vice President; Leo Cormier, Member of the Executive Com.; J.C. Albert Langevin, Honary Chairman of Ball Com. ; Allan L Rawcliffe, Secretary and Treasurer; Edward Dessert. President.
Second Row: Ovila Bouley, Henry Lewis, George Laflamme, George Lecuyer , Omer Pineau, GeorgeO. Guerrin, Third Row: Joseph Toussaint, August Bourque, Charles Dietz, Joseph Duval, Oliver Santos, Joseph Resendes, Elmer F. Spooner. Fourth Row: Harold Wood, Leo Boucher, Joseph Lapierre, James Hyde, Charles Pate, Charles Peitrzykowski, Albert E. Holt. Absent Member: Amedée Pineau The above two pictures were donated by Althea “Sis” Taylor. They are both from the 1940’s era.  The Acushnet Police Department would like to extend its gratitude to Sis for donating these pictures of our history.


Department Photograph Sunday, August 3, 1958 Photograph taken in front of the Acushnet Town Hall

From left to right: Chief James Hyde, Sergeant Harry Swift, Officer Earl F. Parker  

DEPARTMENT PHOTOGRAPH MAY 30, 1968 Photograph taken in front of the Acushnet Town Hall Back Row left to right: Henry Avilla, John Monterio, Gordon Lopes, Unknown, Joe Millette Front Row left to right: Norman Soucy, Unknown, Chief Harold E. Bamber, Jr, George Souza, Earl Parker

Sergeant Roger Deschamps

Sergeant William “Bill” Jenkinson

From left to right: Car 20, Car 21, “Drugless Douglas”

Sergeant George Souza employed with the Acushnet Police Department from 1963 thru 1973

DEDICATION OF MEMORIAL MONUMENT …was dedicated to the Acushnet Police Department Sunday,

May 22nd 1966 from the Acushnet Police Association.

Right to left: Chief Michael R. Poitras, Sergeant Barry

Monte, Vice President; Sergeant George Souza, President; Maryanne Antonietta, Treasurer, David Rawcliffe, Secretary In memory of the deceased members of the Acushnet Police Department who gave their last measure of complete devotion


The above pictures were taken from the 1990 APA Crime Prevention Journal